30 Day Guns, Buns, & Ab Challenge

This is a 30 day challenge that will be working my arms, abs and butt. It will consist of squats, pushups, and leg lifts. I was planning on doing the 30 day squat challenge, but this one has something for all three problem areas and I will be doing the same amount of squats as if I was doing the squat challenge. Makes it easier for me.

When I first went on Pinterest I was constantly seeing things about the many different workout challenges that you could do in 30 days. I was amazed and of course I tried the squat one. I lasted for 5 days (a personal best). I like to workout, but only when the mood suits me and I like mixing things up a lot. One day I will be doing yoga the next I am doing Zumba. So I am hoping that since I will be posting my progress that this will entice me to keep it up. Plus it is only for 30 days. How hard could it really be?

As a note: I will not be changing my diet in anyway. I usually try and eat healthy, but I do love my junk food. I will not be posting my weight or my measurements. I will post what I lost (if anything). I will continue to walk throughout the 30 days as my only other form of exercise. This is just me and possibly my husband (lets see how long he last. I give him 4 days.) to try one of the most popular workouts on Pinterest.


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